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Wherever minerals are extracted, raw materials mined and construction material crushed and recycled, wherever soils are processed and metal surfaces must be protected from wear, that's where tungsten carbide from BETEK is used: as a tool system, a wear protection solution, or as a component. Our entire product range is developed, designed and produced with leading edge manufacturing technologies at our company headquarters in Aichhalden, in the Black Forest region of Germany. We have decades of experience in carbide production. From here, product innovations travel all around the world, setting standards for users: for the highest quality, durability and user friendliness. What's more, BETEK also offers its customers comprehensive services – for everything up to consulting directly on site and reliable logistics. Drilling, milling, crushing, compacting: no other material withstands these stresses as well as carbide from BETEK.

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Wear protection 4.0: BETEK TungStuds

Delay the wear of your tools many times over.



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