3.300 TungStuds vom Typ BTS01 schweißte Juan Carlos Figueroa mit einem Mitarbeiter in einer Nacht auf – am nächsten Morgen wurde mit dem Terrain Leveller wieder Salz abgebaut.


Wear protection has a name: Betek TungStuds

In 2010, TungStuds were launched on the market and it seems as if the world had been waiting for these: machine operators are happy as they have less wear to complain about and that the TungStuds are quick and easy to weld on and replace. Controllers are pleased because productivity is increased considerably thanks to reduced maintenance and down times with costs shrinking notably. Product Manager Pascal Detemple is responsible for the comparatively young product area of wear protection studs.

TungStuds are used where abrasive materials are being mined and processed. A trial is currently in progress for example in the Atacama Desert in North Chile. The mine operator Atacama Minerals mines for Aguas Blancas salt in its mine. Using a terrain leveller, salt is mined 24/7. The wear on the side surfaces of the cutting drum is correspondingly high. The TungStuds were tested in conjunction with the Betek dealer in Chile, Juan Carlos Figueroa. Pascal Detemple describes the assignment: ”Juan Carlos Figueroa welded on the sides of the terrain leveller‘s cutting drum together with an employee over night. During the night, the two welded 3,300 TungStuds of type BTS01. And this was in ice-cold conditions – the difference in day and night temperature is extreme – on this night the temperature was recorded as 0 degrees Celsius. But this tour de force proved to be worthwhile. The Betek quality tungsten carbide soldered in the TungStuds is providing a good service; wear has been reduced considerably.“

Detemple sees great opportunities for this product in mining while describing the diverse areas of application for the wear protection studs: ”Diaphragm wall cutting, trenching, milling drums and excavator buckets – this is where abrasion on machine parts occurs that does not have to happen – TungStuds come into contact with the conveyed material and counteract wear.“