Die BETEK-Meißel der BKF-Serie zeigten sich im Test den Wettbewerbsmeißeln in Standzeit, Penetrationsleistung und Halterschutz deutlich überlegen. Das flache Gelände macht Frästiefen von bis zu 12 Metern notwendig, um das erforderliche Gefälle für Abwasserleitungen zu schaffen. Produktmanager Ulrich Krämer: „Beim Trockenfräsen mit solchen Schnitttiefen werden die Hartmetall-Werkzeuge und die Schwertkette so heiß, dass man sich daran die Finger verbrennen kann.“


Excavating in rock and obtaining maximum performance from specialist machinery

Everywhere, where infrastructure projects are being set up, trench cutters are in use to create pipelines or lines for electricity and channels for water and wastewater. Ulrich Krämer is responsible for the Product Management of trench cutters and is always involved if such ”lifelines“ are being built somewhere in the world.

Currently the engineer is managing projects in the emirate of Qatar in the North East of the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. Some spectacular construction projects are underway there – from the new airport, which shall become the international hub, to the 400-hectare large artificial island, ”The Pearl“ – to name just the most spectacular projects. It comes as no surprise when Ulrich Krämer says: ”Thanks to the construction boom and topography, Qatar is one of the countries with the highest density of machinery. That primarily flat country is characterised by rock, scree and gravel. No more blasting is permitted for safety reasons and trench cutting and terrain levelling are on the agenda. Each trench is cut out of the rock.“

The machines are able to achieve maximum performance with Betek bits. Ulrich Krämer is continually visiting the construction sites together with the local Betek dealer to optimise machine performance on-site and work out the economic benefit for the client. ”If both the user and the dealer comprehend the wear mechanisms, they will automatically associate Betek with success. This means that a lot of basic work is necessary.“

Krämer oversees the team operating the trench cutters and terrain levellers intensively and knows, ”Information can be shared anywhere in the world by using hand and feet gestures or drawings in the dust.“

The cutting conditions in Qatar (very hard limestone) are best overcome with the Betek bits from the BKF product series. This series specifically developed for very difficult and coarse applications using heavy-duty cutting machines is considerably superior to competitor products in terms of penetration performance, service life and holder protection.