Product overview

During stabilizing and cold recycling, bits, holder systems and rollers are subject to additional wear, since the mixed material remains in the roller housing for a long time. BETEK round shank bits are configured for the specialized requirements in these application areas with special design and corresponding tungsten carbide quality. The entire bit product like can be found a and in the current Wirtgen Parts and More catalog.

Cold recycling and ground stabilizing


    + 85% higher break stability in the tungsten carbide point through optimized material composition and point geometry

      + 30% higher wear plate hardness for better, longer bit holder protection

        + 5% more volume on the steel body in the wear-critical area

          + 45% improved breakage strength of the bit shank through adjusted stop positioning of the twin-stop clamping sleeve

            + 4% reinforced clamping sleeve for permanently solid seating in the bit holder Wirtgen GmbH