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Betek picks are optimally adapted to both current and future requirements and machine technology. In order to permanently guarantee this highest quality “Made in Germany”, we continuously develop our components and cutting materials, and explicitly adapt them to the respective application and machine type. This applies not only to our standard portfolio, but also to all customer-specific solutions with difficult site conditions.

Our pick technology is developed with a focus on the entire milling technology. The wear disc with centering groove optimally protects the holders, and, at the same time, increases their service life.

Sales of our cutting tools are conducted exclusively via our system partner Wirtgen. You can find the entire range of cutting tools at

that’s why

1. Cutting technology with a focus on maximum economy and effectiveness

2. Specialists in application technology

3. Long-lasting cutting performance with optimum carbide utilization

4. Fracture resistant, even in heavy-duty applications

5. High wear resistant steel body

6. Focus on the sustainable production of tools

7. Market leadership in cutting tools for road construction

Road Milling

The Generation X² cutting tools are the all-rounders among the picks, and are thus excellently suited for all asphalt and concrete milling work. All components are perfectly matched to each other and enable the highest milling performance.

Optimum work result with maximum economic efficiency

Perfect holder protection through innovative washer technology

Fracture-resistant with perfect penetration and ideal carbide wear


The PCD cutting tools are ideally designed for surface milling and fine milling applications. Due to their highly wear-resistant polycrystalline diamond tool tip, they exhibit a consistently perfect milling pattern and also require little maintenance.

Consistent milling pattern  

Reduced tool change  

Perfect economic efficiency in fine milling applications


Our C² cutting tools enable economical milling of concrete on large construction sites. A perfect milling performance can be achieved by theses tools combinied with eco-cutter-drums.


Most economical milling with concrete eco-cutter-drums

Constantly high ground speed

Break-resistant, even when in contact with steel 

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