Drum Cutters

Drum Cutters Better cutting in any rock type

Betek’s tool systems are designed for particularly difficult loads and impress with consistently reliable top performance.

Whether above ground in quarries, underground in tunnel construction, civil engineering, underwater work, road construction or agriculture and forestry – with Betek tools for drum cutters, you can rely on the highest “Made in Germany”-quality. Their optimal carbide quality allows high feed rates, long tool lives and short changeover times for above-average daily outputs.

that’s why

1. Optimally matched cutting tool system consisting of pick and holder

2. Highly-automated production of round shank picks and holders

3. Proven tools for the most extreme conditions

4. High-quality carbides “Made in Germany”

5. High fracture resistance for long service life

6. More than 40 years of experience with carbides

Our products for
drum cutters

Our round shank picks and holders are ideal for various substrates and applications such as rock, concrete or frozen ground. Typical applications include:


In the field of sewer and pipeline construction.

Quarries and mining

For various types of rock and stone, as well as sand, gravel and gypsum.


For milling off tree stumps, roots, etc.

Civil engineering / special construction

For drilling and milling work in civil engineering.

(Tunnel & Road Construction)

When repairing road damage or in tunnel construction.

Port and underwater work

For construction work on the harbor or riverbed, for recycling & demolition work, and for the renovation of buildings.

Catalog - Drum cutters

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