Surface Mining

Surface Mining A solution for every mine

Our extensive application know-how makes us your ideal partner for finding the right tools for every machine and every type of extraction. To this end, we continuously develop components and cutting materials, in order to adapt them specifically to current and future requirements and machine technology. This applies to the field of mineral extraction, as well as to construction and tunneling applications. In the development of our products, the focus is clearly on high tool life, the optimization of the machine’s cutting performance and the continous improved cost per ton ratio.

We distribute the entire program through our system partner Wirtgen. You can find more about this under

that’s why

1. Easy and safe handling of the tool change

2. Specialists in application technology

3. Special product portfolio for surface mining tasks

4. Tool development with a focus on the entire cutting technology

5. Sustainable tool production

6. Market leadership in surface mining

38/30 mm and 42mm shank system

Cutting tool program for the most diverse geologies and machines. Our extensive product portfolio offers you the ideal solution for every surface mining application.

Depending on the mine, we also develop special tools to optimize economic efficiency. If necessary, we can adapt these tools to the respective conditions at any time during an on-site study by our experienced application engineers. Wear parameters and mine-specific processes are additional sources of information for perfecting the tools.

Safe tool change 

Achieving the optimum cutting performance

Low extraction costs per ton

Information Material – Stabilization

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