Foundation Drilling

Foundation Drilling Drilling and wear tools
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As the world market leader in carbide-tipped wear tools for foundation drilling, we offer you products that match your machine and the respective drilling task. At the same time, they guarantee high feed rates, long service lives and short changeover times at high daily outputs. At BETEK, you get the complete range of drill pipe products from a single source – such as round shank picks, welding bars, interchangeable teeth and holders, locking wedges and screw connections for drill pipes.

that’s why

1. Optimally matched cutting tool system consisting of pick and holder

2. Market leader due to premium quality

3. Comprehensive product portfolio from a single source

4. High-quality carbides “Made in Germany”

5. High fracture resistance for long service life

6. More than 40 years of experience with carbides

Our products for
foundation drilling

In the field of foundation drilling, Betek tools are used to construct excavations and trenches, and to secure slopes or embankments. In addition, various drilling methods (such as kelly drilling, pile drilling, foundation drilling, micro piling, scarification drilling or diaphragm wall milling) can be used to secure and stabilize larger structures. The following Betek solutions develop optimal performance in your drilling tools:


Drill bucket


Core tubes (round shank & roller picks) 


Screw connections for drill pipes 

Catalog – Foundation Drilling

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