Forestry & recycling

Forestry & Recycling Shredding
on a grand scale

Tungsten carbide tools from BETEK are high reliable in all areas of forestry and recycling industry thanks to their high wear resistance and great efficiency. Your machines will only achieve optimum working quality and operational safety with the original parts matched to them. Your advantage: longer tool life with fewer tool changes, ideal machine runtime and high reliability.

Through our high quality work, we have built strategic partnerships that have grown over many years. Working in close cooperation, we were thus able to jointly develop tungsten carbide tools for optimum machine performance with minimum wear. Today, we supply almost all well-known manufacturers as an OEM supplier.

that’s why

1. More than 40 years of experience with carbides

2. Ideally matched carbide grade & geometry depending on the application condition

3. Durably sharp cutting edges

4. Highest possible fracture resistance

5. Long tool life saves changeover time & tool costs

6. Increased output due to high cutting performance

Forestry Mulchers/
Stump Cutters

Betek tungsten carbide tools deliver optimum shredding quality – for example, in recultivation, site clearance, skid trails, land clearing or wild fire prevention. Carbide grades, explicitly matched to the application, provide tool life advantages through fewer tool changes and less machine downtime. 

Optimum shredding due to highest cutting performance

Increased tool life with optimum performance

Highest possible fracture resistance

Minimization of wear


In compost preparation and wood recycling, we offer you high-quality tungsten carbide tools with first-class shredding quality.

Reduced fuel consumption due to permanently sharp cutting edges

Up to 5-10 times tool life compared to hardened steel (depending on machine type, working speed and input material)

Mobile Stone Crushing

Our tools guarantee ideal carbide properties for the toughest conditions and highest requirements. Even the hardest rock, such as granite or basalt, is crushed to an optimal result.

Ideal carbide properties for extreme conditions

The hardest rock such as granite or basalt is optimally crushed

Optimal work result and machine performance

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