Tungsten Carbide production

Tungsten Carbide Expertise

In the field of carbide production, we at BETEK have a clear pioneering role. With our own tungsten carbide development up to the finished production of the end products, we offer our customers an outstanding service with quality optimally tailored to their needs. This also includes geometry development including our own toolmaking in our division SIMON Tooling which allows us to tailor the development process entirely to the customer’s requirements. With our internal test laboratory SIMON Analytics we check quality and materials, and by using the most modern production methods with a high degree of automation, we guarantee our “Made in Germany” quality standard.

  • Exclusively high-quality raw materials, tight quality standards
  • Material/formulation development tailored to the respective application
  • Development process according to customer requirements
  • Further development of existing formulas
  • Development of new formulations

Raw materials

  • Various grinding processes for the optimum homogeneity of the powder batch and a perfect microstructure
  • Own grinding balls for perfect mixing

Grinding process

  • Several spray towers for the separation of the grinding liquid with drying process
  • This results in optimally prepared, pressable material with an excellent quality level


Spray tower

  •  Carbide presses with pressing force up to 120 t
  • In-house tool production for powdner pressing at SIMON Tooling offers maximum flexibility in geometry production
  • Even complex geometries can be mapped


Carbide pressing

  • Sintering process lasting up to 36 hours in special HIP sintering furnaces
  • Sintering at different temperature and pressure ranges
  • In-house know-how for sintering the most complex geometries with high dimensional accuracy


Sintering process

  • Permanent and multi-level quality control system in the in-house laboratory for preliminary and final products 
  • Tests during production ensure high dimensional accuracy of the carbides


QA control