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In all areas of agricultural technology, Betek’s tungsten carbide tools impress across the board with their high wear resistance and great efficiency rates. Our specialist department for joining and hardening technology has developed a joining technique that allows us to perfectly join carbide and steel. Thanks to the consistently high quality of our solutions, we have earned a great deal of trust in the industry. As an original parts manufacturer, we always offer you the best solution for your machines – always in cooperation with the manufacturer you trust. This also includes targeted marketing support, where we provide you with comprehensive support from social media to in-house training.

Through our high-quality work, we have built reliable strategic partnerships over many years. This has enabled us to work closely together to develop carbide tools for optimum machine performance with minimum wear and tear, and as an OEM supplier, we supply almost all well-known manufacturers in Europe.

that’s why

1. Long service life saves changeover time
and tool costs

2. Our angular carbide geometry
for particularly high fracture stability

3. OEM strategy with perfectly matched mold for each machine: ideal soil flow, optimum work result

4. Consistently high machining quality and constant working depth

5. Permanently sharp cutting edges

6. 40 years experience in development & production of carbide for mining & road construction

Soil cultivation

Benefit from the many years of experience of our agricultural specialists: With the carbide geometry specially developed for the agricultural sector, you can work your way even through stony or wear-intensive soils. This ranges from shallow stubble cultivation to deeper work such as loosening and plowing.

Constant sharp cutting of the topsoil 

Constant length of the cultivator points

Perfect work result with optimum efficiency

Seedbed preparation

Sandy-abrasive soils or stones also don’t stand a chance when preparing seedbeds. Betek carbide tools offer the ideal protection for your power harrow tines and the points for your seedbed combination.

Wear protection due to specially developed carbide geometries

Constant sharp cutting of the topsoil 

Harvesting technology

Forage harvester

Whether corn, GPS or grass: the Betek shear bar is the premium product for your harvester in every field.

Optimally matched wear technology for best yields

Minimizing downtime in the tight harvest window

Long service life

Universal use with consistent quality of chopped material

Beet lifter

With our beet lifter shares, you can reliably harvest your beets with minimal wear.

Efficient and gentle grubbing of the beets

Consistent quality of work

Long service life

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