Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide From raw material through
to finishing

Granted: Regarding carbide, we at BETEK are happy to take on a clear pioneering role. Starting with our in-house development of carbides through to the final manufacture of all products, we offer our customers a comprehensive service – with quality optimally tailored to their individual needs.

This also includes geometry development including in-house toolmaking in our SIMON Tooling division: This allows us to keep development processes lean and efficient – and at the same time react flexibly and optimally to customer requirements. Using the latest technology from our in-house testing laboratory SIMON Analytics, we check the quality of all materials at every stage of the process. And we meet our highest quality standard “Made in Germany” through state-of-the-art production with a high degree of automation.


1. In-house carbide production – made in Germany

2. 40 years of experience in tungsten carbide development and production

3. Specialists in application technology

4. Lower cost-per-meter thanks to high-quality carbide grades (or formulations)

Our products in the field of tungsten carbide

Carbide for tricone bits (rotary drilling rigs):

- Betek has been supplying leading global manufacturers of tricone bits for over 20 years
- We practice joint development with our system partners
- The carbide grade B25 is regarded as the benchmark for use in tricone bits
- Betek is developing new carbide grades for the special requirements of mining operations

percussive drilling

In addition to the tried-and-tested grades, BETEK has developed carbide grades for hammer drills. Betek thus covers the entire spectrum of requirements for using tools in mining, tunneling, foundation engineering and well drilling. The carbide grades used here are fine-grained grades with a low binder content of 6% cobalt.

Carbide for other applications

Our experts will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have on the subject of carbide. Especially when it comes to different specifications and geometries, which we individually adapt to the ground conditions and purposes of your application. At BETEK, you will find carbides for the following applications:

Carbides for drill bits in foundation and geothermal drilling

Carbides for tunneling tools 

Carbides for high pressure grinding rolls 

Carbides for stone working tools 

Carbides for wear protection solutions 

Tungsten carbide finishing

After sintering, we can machine your carbide using various processes or process combinations on request. For example, if the application requires increased surface protection, special dimensional accuracies or special shape and surface qualities. For this purpose, we offer centerless cylindrical grinding, vibratory grinding and surface densification processes.

BETEK offers centerless cylindrical grinding machines with high throughput and automated placement and monitoring systems. In addition, we have equipment for the mechanical processing of small batches, as well as special centrifugal vibratory grinding equipment for deburring carbides, rounding edges and cleaning, matting and polishing carbide pins.


Tricone bits

DTH and TH bits

High-pressure grinding rolls

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