Secure grip – Guaranteed


For a long time, SITEK has been one of the leading manufacturers of spikes. We have also successfully established ourselves as a technology partner to major tire manufacturers and are involved in tire development worldwide. At the top of the list is the issue of safety on ice and snow: To guarantee increased road grip and short braking distances, stud geometries are becoming smaller and more complex.

Developments in the automotive industry are advancing continuously. For decades, vehicles have been getting bigger and faster, but at the same time safer. In addition, there are new challenges from the field of electromobility and, of course, with regard to the topic of sustainability. All of this has major implications for the tire industry. Our experienced R&D department works in close cooperation with the tire industry to jointly provide the appropriate answers for all technological challenges.

Studs from SITEK are designed for maximum safety, environmental compatibility, durability and comfort. In doing so, they have to fulfill the same life cycle of the winter tires of our various OEM customers, on which up to 350 studs are installed per tire.

Carbide tools

Our carbide tipped cutters are used in a wide variety of applications: For example, to increase the slip resistance of an industrial hall or to remove the floor of an airport. It can also be used to reliably remove floor coatings of any kind. The tools can be made of a solid carbide or a steel carrier with carbide inserts. Our specially developed carbide qualities and a highly durable connection between carbide and carrier layer guarantee high surface quality with long tool life.

Pole tips

SITEK ensures a secure hold even when you’re on the move. Our pole tips are used by a variety of well-known sporting goods manufacturers around the world. On cross-country skiing, skiing or hiking poles, the pole tips from SITEK reveal their special quality and withstand even extreme stresses on stony hiking trails, snow or ice.

Carbide pins

We manufacture our carbide pins from our own granulate preparation, using different regenerates from our own zinc recycling process. Both in the production of complex pin geometries and in carbide quality, we can respond with maximum flexibility to customer requirements.

Carbide powder

Our in-house raw material preparation enables us to use pressable granules not only for our own needs, but also to offer them to our customers. The ingredients and properties of the granules can be defined and designed according to customer specifications. The special feature is that we use self-recycled raw materials and thus produce up to 80% of the powder from our own material. Our granules are used worldwide in a wide variety of applications and products.

SITEK: That’s why

1.Leading manufacturer & technology partner of global tire manufacturers

2.High vertical range of manufacture through in-house carbide production, cold extrusion and assembly

3.Established and continuously developed quality management with production support

4.Patented carbide recycling

5.Use of high recycling rates possible


Our name stands for safety

Literally speaking: SI-TEK stands for “Sicherheits-Technik” or “Safety Technology” and is a top priority at our company for a good reason. After all, our products are used wherever safety plays a decisive role. At SITEK, you get the complete vertical range of manufacture from development to our own carbide and sleeve production to the finished stud. In this way, we cover the entire value chain in carbide production and offer you exactly the quality you want in every product.

Thanks to our own carbide production, we are able to match the material properties exactly to the respective application. For example, we have developed special types of studs that – in addition to their use in winter tires – are also suitable for bicycle tires and hoof nails. Special SITEK carbide tools, on the other hand, are used on milling machines, for example, to remove road surfaces – such as road markings – or to roughen and clean floors. These tools are highly resistant to wear and are designed for economical use.