Tungsten carbide recycling

Tungsten carbide recycling

The topic of recycling is becoming increasingly important, and is constantly expanding its reach. We currently recycle about 80 tons of tungsten carbide per year. We buy tungsten carbide scraps of different qualities from all over Europe, but we also pursue the buyback of our own products. These are tungsten carbides brazed onto steel, which we first de-solder in order to then recycle both the tungsten carbide and the steel according to type. To also have the possibility to remove PVD and CVD coatings from the products, we have developed a special decoating process. This allows us to keep the quality of the recyclates consistently.

Cemented Carbide Scrap

Cemented Carbide with broken bonds ("Cake")

Crushed "Cake"

Ground Cemented-Cardbide-regenerate