HDD All-round

When it comes to the hardest rock layers, Betek tools for horizontal directional drilling rigs come into their action. They ensure long tool life and high feed rates with reliable and high-quality cutting tools. With round shank picks, holders and weld-on teeth, BETEK offers you the complete range of tools for drill heads and reamers. Combined with excellent service, they ensure the success of your construction project.

that’s why

1. More efficient drilling with quality tools “Made in Germany”

2. Roller picks, round shank picks, weld-on teeth and holders from a single source

3. Proven tool for the most extreme conditions

4. High-quality carbides “Made in Germany”

5. High fracture resistance for long service life

6. More than 40 years of experience with carbides

Our products
for HDD

The Betek tools for horizontal directional drilling processes are optimally matched to the material and machine. This allows you to reliably lay ducts and pipes under an existing infrastructure without damaging it in any way. In addition, our solutions are used in other NODIG applications such as well construction, micro-tunneling, etc. In the field of HDD, we manufacture the following tools:

Tricone bits


Drill heads

Round shank picks & welding teeth for reamers

Catalog – HDD

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