TungStuds Innovative wear protection solution
for every area of application

Particularly abrasive soil conditions can often wear out your rock tools in a very short time. The BETEK TungStuds are flexible wear protection bolts based on tungsten carbide: You can significantly increase the service life of your rock tools and their output while considerably reducing maintenance. Combined with our excellent service, the TungStuds are a truly innovative wear protection solution that significantly increases efficiency.

that’s why

1. Long-lasting wear protection due to tungsten carbide technology

2. Fast & flexible application of full-surface wear protection

3. Simple & safe stud welding process

4.High-quality carbides
“Made in Germany”

5.High fracture resistance
for long service life

6.More than 40 years of
experience with carbides

possibilities for

BETEK manufactures different types of wear protection – for example, the weld-on studs “TungStuds” and the weld-on plates “BTS-Plates”. The corresponding stud welding equipment is also an integral part of our range. Our solutions are optimally used in the following applications:

Quarries: Excavator buckets, excavator lips, chutes

Open quarries and underground mining: Cutting rollers

Road construction: Roller housing, holder protection

Foundation drilling: Augers, diaphragm wall cutters

Agricultural technology – Power Rakes
Trenchers – Cutting wheels
HDD – Reamer protection

Tunneling: Cutting plate protection